If you are a vegan and you like to have a few vegan candles dotted around your home then you will need to make sure that you are up to date on all the ingredients found in candles. A definite no, no is a beeswax candle of course and then you will need to find one without any paraffin wax. A great alternative is a soya wax candle, although I will warn you it is a little more expensive that the paraffin wax versions. However there are some additional benefits to choosing the soya wax candle.  The soya wax is made from a 100% vegetable oil that comes straight from the soya bean so it is very sustainable and environmentally friendly. The bean is free from any pesticides or herbicides so no animals will have been contaminated in the growing of the bean.

Benefits of using Soya Wax Vegan Candles

The first main benefit we all know is that soya vegan candles tend to be totally vegan friendly and environmentally friendly too.  Have you ever bought a candle that smells great in the shop and great when you take it out of the packaging however within a couple of days there is no scent at all. Well that is definitely not the case here as if you have a good quality soya wax candle they really hold the fragrant smell for longer than paraffin candles.

You will also notice when you burn a soya wax candle that they are cleaner than paraffin wax ones. There is a little smoke residue from the wick but there is no residue like that of the paraffin wax which is made from crude oil and therefore presents you with the black sooty smoke, toxic carcinogens in your room which ruins your health and your deco. Additionally you will find that the soya wax candle although more expensive than it’s paraffin wax alternative will last a lot longer so it’s false economy to go for the cheaper candles. However it is so easy to make your own like in this video.

I would also add that soya wax is much easier to clean up with just a little warm soapy water. So even if you decide to make your own it’s easy to clean up afterwards.