The United Kingdom brought in a ban on testing cosmetics on animals way back in 1998 and this was of course further backed in 2013 when the EU also banned any cosmetics which had been tested on animals.  As a Vegan I was delighted when these bans were enforced as I felt that after a lot of consumer campaigns governments were starting to listen to consumers.  I felt that this would be the end of all the cosmetic products which are tested on mice and rabbits to make the safe for us.  However I have found that I was disillusioned by these so called bans as the bans only mean cosmetics can’t be tested in the EU and it doesn’t cover anything outside the EU. This means that many of the top companies can continue creating cosmetics which are not cruelty free cosmetics as long as the tests are done outside of the EU.

Cruelty Free Cosmetics Logo

You will be surprised to that many of these companies are at the top of the list of providers and are some of the richest companies in the world. The organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also know by the acronym PETA, has listed some of these companies on their website for you to recognise them.  Sometimes their final products have been tested on animals but if this is not the case it is found that the ingredients in the cosmetics have been tested on animals. The reason these companies give for using animal testing is that it is cheaper than using more humane techniques and processes. They say they want to keep the cost down for the consumer however we do well to remember that these are multi-billion dollar companies which can of course afford this cost.

Where to find Cruelty Free Cosmetics

This can be all very confusing for consumers. How do we know then if the items we are looking to purchase are cruelty free cosmetics? How do we know where the product has been made or where the ingredients come from? Well there is an easy way to find out and that is by looking on the PETA website where you will find a list of companies that provide cosmetics which have not been tested on animals. The list includes companies that have ethical policies which aim to eradicate the use of animal testing within the industry not just in the EU but world wide.