Being a Vegan or Veganism

If you are considering a change of lifestyle and adopting the principles of being a vegan then there are lots of things to consider. Veganism is not just about changing your diet but it is a whole change of lifestyle with the focus of not exploiting animals for food, fashion, style and even within the home with thing like cruelty free cosmetics. Indeed the vegan lifestyle will avoid any product or process which will inevitably cause pain and suffering to animals.

So if we think about veganism how does this really effect our lifestyle apart from not eating any animal derivative products. A large area of veganism does include the vetting cosmetics industry and many of the products which are sold on the High Street. Those following the principles of vegan living will avoid any products which are tested on animals. They will be ultimately looking for cruelty free cosmetics. These vegan cosmetics will not contain any ingredients which are animal derivatives, neither will these cosmetics have been tested on any animals.

Being a Vegan Logo

To help you with your search for these cosmetics you will find that online there are several websites which will give you a list of products which are vegan friendly. Also you will find that the cosmetic industry has now recognised the call for these products and therefore have made it a little easier for consumers by displaying a logo on their products to reinforce that the product has not been tested on animals.

Household Vegan Products

An often overlooked area of veganism is the purchasing of household items such as vegan candles and  cleaning products, ornaments and even candles. If we were just to consider candles you will be amazed to find that most candles from some of the most popular companies have indeed been made by using animal derivatives such as paraffin and beeswax. However Vegan candles can be sourced on the internet and it is even possible to make your own candles so you know exactly what is in the candles.

As you can see even from this short article the vegan lifestyle is indeed a lifestyle and not just a diet. It will impact on almost every area of your life and therefore it is really important that you educate yourself on what to buy and what not to buy whether it is food, fashion or household goods.